Columbus, Ohio Commercial Photography

Colin McGuire Photographs

Digital photographs

Colin McGuire is a top-rated Columbus-based commercial photographer in Ohio, creating digital photographs for marketing and advertising uses.

Corporate Photography

Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are just some of the Ohio cities with commercial photography needs that Colin McGuire's advertising photograhy can fill wonderfully!

Commercial Photographer

Columbus Ohio commecial photography

Colin McGuire has been photographing commercially in Ohio for more than a decade and his marketing and advertising clients greatly appreciate his beautiful photography.

Photography for Advertising and Marketing

Advertisers and marketers need the award-winning commercial photography that Colin McGuire is well-known for throughout Ohio.

Advertising Photography in Ohio

Photographic catalogs

Commercial catalogs with eye-popping, attractive photographs is what Colin gives his advertising clients like the great marketers from Longaberger.

Magazine ads

Full page magazine advertisements in Ohio and across the United States often feature acommercial photogrphic work by McGuire's amazing digital camera techniques.

Billboard photography

Billboard photography, whether in Columbus, Ohio or anywhere in the midwest, requires high-tech commercial photographers, and Irish-born Colin McGuire is among the best.